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Profound UI is a full-featured graphical user interface platform based on IBM's RPG Open Access, the ground-breaking enhancement to RPG that opens it up to Web interfaces. The authors of UI, Profound Logic, worked closely with IBM to develop UI in conjunction with Open Access. RPG Open Access from IBM allows RPG-based applications to interface with the wide range of new devices and resources available today such as browsers, mobile devices, XML files and web services. Profound UI comprises a comprehensive visual design tool that allows anyone to create professional browser interfaces in a point and click manner. With the designer, developers can drag and drop user interface components, also known as widgets, onto the interface; then resize and edit their behaviour visually. The resultant rich display file, in conjunction with the UI handler designed to work with RPG Open Access, fits in with your RPG code as a display file to serve up your line of business applications as fully functional rich web applications.

Profound UI introduces Rich Display Files -- native IBMi objects that incorporate the flexibility of the Web with the reliability of the IBMi. Rich Display Files are created in a point-and-click manner and can be automatically connected to database files and program fields. These display files take advantage of IBMi's object-based architecture while delivering a capable graphical user interface.

Profound UI uses the same top-down procedural methodology, native RPG operations, and programming techniques that IBMi developers are already familiar with. Because of its fully native approach, the learning curve for RPG developers is virtually non-existent. Developers no longer have to familiarize themselves with the low level complexities of Web 2.0 technologies or become experts in JavaScript, AJAX, and DHTML, to create robust Web applications.

UI completes our modernisation portfolio offering a means of providing new and existing business RPG applications to be presented as fully functional rich web applications utilising IBM’s RPG Open Access. Profound UI provides a managed framework that is designed for productivity for RPG business application developers. IBM’s RPG Open Access is available for OS6.1 onwards though we can provide a module to enable UI for customers on OS5.3 and 5.4. We also offer a conversion module to convert existing display files to Rich UI display files.

See why UI has been described as the most significant product announcement on this platform in 25 years. For more information on UI or any of our other modernisation tools contact: or go to the UI information page to learn much more and register for an evaluation account.