eForms & Intelligent Output Management for IBMi

InterForm400 is the leading intelligent output management software for the IBMi with hundreds of customers worldwide. Designed for and deployed on the IBMi, InterForm provides powerful forms creation and distribution capability. Your standard OS400 spool prints can be manipulated and enhanced to produce top quality laser prints. Pre-printed stationery becomes redundant at a stroke, no application programs need be touched and forms changes can be achieved on the fly.

Print data can be completely remapped, supplemented with data from your database files, whilst manipulation and distribution can be based on user-determined logic. An infinite variety of fonts can be used, logos and artwork can be introduced and barcodes can be commissioned rapidly.

Your quality enhanced output can then be printed, e-mailed, faxed or any combination of these. More

Additional modules can be added to provide archiving of output in original enhanced form and e-mail PDF output can be encrypted to provide total security.