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Genie is one of the most exciting on-the-fly modernisation tools on the IBMi. It provides the IBMi community with an intuitive and codeless method to instantly modernize all of your legacy green-screens

Genie is 100% browser-based and produces standard HTML with no need for PC Clients, ActiveX Controls, or Applets. You can easily customise screens with graphs & charts, dynamic images, dropdowns, tabs, calendars, SOA, AJAX, and much more. In addition, Genie provides an easy way to integrate IBMi screens with existing Web interfaces.

Features and Advantages

Instant Modernisation

You can now go from starting your modernisation efforts to having a completely modernised system in less than a day. Genie can modernise all of your RPG, CL, Cobol, menu, or i5/OS system screens. All you need to do is install, choose or create a skin for your applications, and you are done. You will instantly be able to reap the benefits of modernisation without investing a lot of time, effort, and money into the process.

Extensive Customisation Abilities

Easily tailor your screens to your business needs. Quickly customize screens with graphs & charts, dynamic images, dropdowns, tabs, calendars, and much more. Use AJAX and SOA to add supplementary elements into your programs. You can even integrate individual screens, entire menus, or complete programs into an existing Web application.

Full Featured WYSIWYG Designer

The Genie Designer runs right in the browser and allows you to enhance your green-screens with Web functionality without any programming. Simply navigate to any screen and switch to Design Mode. You can then easily change fonts, colours, backgrounds, borders, and positioning using the designer's drag-and-drop and point-and-click features. Just as easily, you can add dropdowns, checkboxes, buttons, charts, calendars, links, images, and various other Web elements.

Free Charting Package

Included with Genie is our interactive iChart package. iChart offers more than 60 different chart types to visually enhance your applications. Pick from 2D or 3D Column Charts, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Area Charts, Pie Charts, Doughnut Charts, and more. Your chart data can come directly from a Genie screen or from any other source.

100% Browser Based

Genie is 100% browser-based and produces standard HTML with no need for PC Clients, ActiveX Controls, or Applets. This makes it a very low maintenance product. Your end-users will never need to install any software. They will access Genie applications using a hyperlink to an Intranet, Extranet, or Internet site.

Open Solution

Do not get locked into one modernisation approach. You want flexibility and the ability to change as you grow. Genie applications give you the ability to integrate with any other modernization approach, such as automated conversions and redevelopment. You will be able to create a modernized system that your company needs without being imprisoned by your solution.

Flexible Integration Capabilities

Genie has some unique features that allow you to integrate it with other applications. Using a simple scripting language, you can single-out specific green-screens and integrate them into other browser applications. Alternatively, Genie gives you the capability to embed other Web applications directly into your green-screen programs.

Totally Secure

Your modernisation efforts with Genie will not jeopardize your system's security. You will be able to secure your applications with SSL and take advantage of all the security provided by the i5/OS. It is a completely native solution and does not require any extra servers. You will be able to securely deploy your applications to the Web. Unlike other solutions, Genie will never expose critical ports such as telnet.

Lightning Fast Perfomance

Using Genie for your modernization needs will ensure that you are getting the most from your system. It uses native technologies that can guarantee that your applications are running at the fastest speeds possible.