Output Management Solutions


InterFormNG is a platform independent output management solution that gives you total freedom to design, handle, and distribute your documents - a tool that helps you create the exact document output that you need, without having to do any ERP modifications.

Output Management can be centralized for all output across applications and platforms, enabling you to make sure that your output looks identical across multiple output distribution channels and is designed to work in parallel with your current system, giving you flexibility and control over how you use it and can be used on Windows, Linux, AIX, AS400 and any other platform running Java.

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InterForm400 is an Intelligent Output Management solution that gives you total freedom to design, handle, and distribute your documents. It will handle the entire document workflow of your IBMi, without the need to reprogram any of your applications and automatically selects e-forms based on print data or spool attributes and accommodates many types of distribution.

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Application Development & Modernisation

Profound UI

Profound UI makes it easy to modernize your IBMi applications and create new Web and Mobile applications using your existing RPG and Node.js development skills.

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Genie allows you to quickly go from green screen to graphical applications with Genie, an on-the-fly refacing tool for 5250 green-screen applications.

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RPGsp enables the development of true, native, advanced web applications on the IBMi. A full development environment allowing the creation of RPG and HTML code. RPGsp is the solution for the development of advanced web applications for mass anonymous users such as e-commerce services.

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Atrium eliminates clumsy, inefficient 5250 green-screen menus by tying your IBMi applications into a single, easy-to-use browser interface.

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